Nursery Curriculum

Language Arts
Science Inquiry
Greek Studies
Language Arts

Your child will begin to recognize letters, sounds, and listen to stories while exploring characters and plot.

Our Language Arts curriculum includes:
-Letter/sound recognition
-First and Last name recognition
-Phonemic Awareness
-Thematic Units
-Literature Exploration

Students will be introduced to number concepts. While engaged in group and individual activities, your child will practice comparing, classifying, counting and measuring with non-standard units.
Our Mathematics Curriculum includes:
-Number and Numeration
1) Sorting
2) Counting
3) Estimating


Math is incorporated into our daily routines. Working on the calendar, lining up, and attendance are all wonderful ways to experience math.

Science Inquiry
Children will learn about science through hands-on experiences. Science is integrated into our curriculum through units such as
-Life Science
-Five Senses
-Butterfly Life cycle
-Frog Life cycle

Our classroom lessons may include related books, discussions, and experiments designed to develop a better understanding of science.

Greek Education
Your child will continue to grow more familiar with the Greek culture, language and religion. Students will be exposed to songs, fairytales, and conversational workshops.

Your child will be introduced to concepts of community by discussing similarities and differences in families, homes, and cultures.
Our Community curriculum includes:
-Community Helpers
-All About Me

Children will learn to clap and move to the beat of music, sing songs, identify similar sounds and participate in physical activity program SPARK. (Sports, Play, and Active Recreations for Kids)