Head of School

HCS continues to evolve into a supportive learning community. HCS has committed itself to the core values of compassion, commitment and responsibility. We are compassionate in our interaction with our students and their families; acknowledging each child’s individual contributions, talents, skills and needs for support. By measuring our words and actions, we preserve the dignity of each individual creating an atmosphere where it is safe to learn, safe to disagree and safe to grow. We have committed ourselves to the hard and serious work of teaching our young learners to be confident in taking risks, learning from their mistakes and understanding that it’s OK to be different in order to develop, grow and expand. By entrusting your children to us you support the many ministries of the Holy Cross Community, to serve the spiritual, academic, cultural and philanthropic needs of the faithful of Whitestone. Together we can achieve our goal of pursuing excellence in body, mind and spirit. “One Vision, Shared Values & Beliefs… Μία κοινότητα." Ted 1